Simplifying SNAT Configuration with Azure Firewall’s Auto-Learn Feature

Microsoft has recently rolled out a public preview of the Auto-Learn SNAT routes feature for its Firewall service. This feature aims to reduce the complexity and time spent manually configuring SNAT (Source Network Address Translation) private ranges. By enabling this feature, Azure Firewall can automatically learn both registered and private address ranges every 30 minutes, […]

Azure Firewall: Explicit Proxy Now in Public Preview

Microsoft has just launched the public preview of its Explicit Proxy feature on Azure Firewall. This new capability offers you the option to configure proxy settings directly within your sending applications like web browsers. The result is more straightforward traffic routing through Azure Firewall, bypassing the need for User Defined Routes (UDRs). Why You Should […]

Azure Firewall Now Accessible in Poland Central—What You Need to Know

In an announcement made on August 31, 2023, Microsoft revealed the general availability of Azure Firewall Basic, Standard, Premium, and Azure Firewall Manager in Poland Central. This strategic expansion aims to meet the rising workload demands and provide state-of-the-art network security in the region. Why This Matters to You The availability of Azure Firewall services […]

Simplify Your Firewall Management with Azure’s Single-Click Upgrade/Downgrade

Another innovation was unveiled by Microsoft on August 31, 2023—the general availability of Azure Firewall’s Single-Click Upgrade and Downgrade feature. This functionality streamlines the process of toggling between Azure Firewall Standard and Premium SKUs, eliminating service downtime. Why This Matters for You The ability to easily switch between Firewall SKUs with no service interruption is […]