Azure Firewall: Explicit Proxy Now in Public Preview

Microsoft has just launched the public preview of its Explicit Proxy feature on Azure Firewall. This new capability offers you the option to configure proxy settings directly within your sending applications like web browsers. The result is more straightforward traffic routing through Azure Firewall, bypassing the need for User Defined Routes (UDRs).

Why You Should Pay Attention

Azure Firewall traditionally operates in a transparent proxy mode where all the traffic is directed via User Defined Routes (UDRs). With Explicit Proxy mode, you can now specify Azure Firewall as the designated proxy directly within your application settings. This capability allows for streamlined traffic routing and enhanced control over your egress points.

How to Configure Explicit Proxy

  1. Activate the Feature: Navigate to your Azure Firewall instance on the Azure portal. Here, you’ll find the option to enable Explicit Proxy mode.
  2. Set Application Rule: Create an application rule in the Azure Firewall policy to permit traffic for Explicit Proxy. Network rules won’t be applicable.
  3. Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC): If you’re using a PAC file to manage your network’s web access, Azure Firewall can host this file for you. Upload the PAC file to a storage container, and then configure its Shared Access Signature (SAS) URL on the Explicit Proxy settings page.
  4. Specify Ports: Remember that HTTP and HTTPS ports cannot be identical when setting up Explicit Proxy.
  5. Apply Settings: Once all configurations are in place, apply the changes to enable Explicit Proxy mode.


  • Explicit Proxy is currently in public preview; hence, it’s essential to read and understand the Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews.
  • The SAS URL for your PAC file must have READ permissions, enabling Azure Firewall to fetch the file.

By leveraging Azure Firewall’s Explicit Proxy feature, you’re not only simplifying your traffic routing but also gaining more granular control over your network’s egress points. It’s another step forward in making your Azure environment more secure and efficient.

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