Azure Firewall Now Accessible in Poland Central—What You Need to Know

In an announcement made on August 31, 2023, Microsoft revealed the general availability of Azure Firewall Basic, Standard, Premium, and Azure Firewall Manager in Poland Central. This strategic expansion aims to meet the rising workload demands and provide state-of-the-art network security in the region.

Why This Matters to You

The availability of Azure Firewall services in Poland Central allows businesses operating in the region to leverage advanced security features such as Layer 3-7 filtering, threat intelligence feeds, and more. This will enhance the security landscape and offer a range of options for different business sizes and needs.

Understanding Azure Firewall SKUs

  • Azure Firewall Standard: Best suited for enterprises, offering L3-L7 filtering and real-time threat intelligence from Microsoft Cyber Security.
  • Azure Firewall Premium: For those requiring advanced security features, such as signature-based IDPS and real-time updates on over 58,000 signatures.
  • Azure Firewall Basic: Intended for SMBs, offering essential protection at an affordable price point but with limitations like fixed scale units and Threat Intel alert mode only.
  • Azure Firewall Manager: Centralized management of Azure Firewalls across multiple subscriptions.

Immediate Benefits

  • Geographical Reach: Expands your security capabilities to Poland Central.
  • SKU Variety: A range of Firewall SKUs to suit different business needs and sizes.
  • Advanced Security Features: From basic protection to advanced threat intelligence and signature-based IDPS, there is a solution for every security need.

The expansion of Azure Firewall into Poland Central aligns well with the evolving security needs of businesses. Whether you’re running a small business or managing an enterprise, Azure Firewall’s new regional availability offers a comprehensive and effective security solution.

For more information on Azure Firewall’s capabilities, pricing, and supported regions, feel free to explore our detailed resources and guides.

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