Embrace the Future with Azure Monitor VM Insights

Microsoft unveiled Azure Monitor VM Insights on August 31, 2023, and it’s a game-changer for businesses aiming for seamless IT operations. This tool offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring client workloads on Azure virtual machines, virtual machine scale sets, and even on-premises/multi-cloud environments enabled by Azure Arc.

Why This Matters for You

If you’ve been using VM Insights with Log Analytics Agent, it’s time to switch to Azure Monitor Agent. The transition promises a plethora of benefits including but not limited to cost savings, simplified management, and enhanced security and performance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Implement Azure Monitor VM Insights

1. Choose Your Installation Method

  • Azure Portal: Enable individual machines directly.
  • Azure Policy: Automate enablement for supported machines.
  • Azure Resource Manager Templates: Use Azure CLI or PowerShell for bulk enablement.
  • PowerShell: For multiple machines, a PowerShell script can be used but only with Log Analytics agent.
  • Manual Install: For on-premises or other cloud environments, manual installation is possible with Log Analytics agent only.

2. Verify Azure Arc Compatibility

Make sure you are running version 0.9 or above of the Azure Arc agent.

3. Check Supported Operating Systems

Ensure your operating system is supported by either Azure Monitor Agent or Log Analytics agent.

4. Install Necessary Agents

When enabling VM Insights, the following agents are installed:

  • Azure Monitor Agent: Collects and delivers data to Log Analytics workspace.
  • Dependency Agent: Collects data about running processes and external dependencies.

5. Configure Data Collection Rules

Specify a Data Collection Rule (DCR) to define the data to be collected and the workspace to use.

6. Migrate from Log Analytics Agent (if applicable)

If you have both agents installed, remove Log Analytics agent to avoid data duplication and additional costs.

The Immediate Benefits

  • Cost Savings: Granular data collection rules allow for targeted data collection, significantly reducing ingestion and storage costs.
  • Simplified Management: Supports data uploads to multiple destinations including cross-region and cross-tenant data collection. Configuration changes roll out automatically to all agents.
  • Enhanced Security and Performance: Benefit from Managed Identity and Azure AD tokens for enhanced security, along with a 25% improvement in event throughput compared to legacy agents.

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